We provide qualified and independent Project Management Services, Construction Managment Services, Town Planning Services and Development Services for the Tasmanian and Victorian market.

As a local Tasmanian company we have an intimate knowledge of the skill set of consultants and contractors within the Tasmanian market place. We have gained this through our experience on local projects throughout the state, such as the UTAS Student Accommodation NRAS project in Hobart, new Brooke Street Pier, Huon Aquaculture’s new Hatchery at Judbury, the re-development of the old Launceston Hospital to The Charles, the redevelopment of the Penny Royal Mill and the creation and expansion of the Launceston Health Hub

Our team also offer more boutique services to clients with smaller construction jobs, meaning we can tailor a cost-effective solution for each client whilst still leveraging off our local knowledge and relationships.

We undertake projects in which the relationships between the participants can take a number of different forms. Some of the more usual roles we provide are listed below;