1.1     Resource Capacity, Capability and Expertise

We specialise in Project Management and Development Consultancy Services, with three experienced Project and Construction Managers combined with our Qualified Planner, our Chartered Accountant and Contract Administrator we have the capacity for new work. We have proven experience to manage small projects from office refurbishment and relocations through to large scale commercial and residential developments.

By engaging CPD you gain the benefits of a team of specialist personnel, whilst the client will have one point of contact with our business, you will have the benefits of the skill set of all members of our team. We work in an open plan office which enables ease of communication flow, we have weekly meetings to formally update each other on our current projects and to workshop any ideas with the projects.

A team provides you with numerous benefits, these benefits include;

  • Minimising your risk of engagement of our services, by having back-up personnel who are up-to-date and experienced on your project; and
  • A combination of our shared knowledge, experience, and contacts.

Through our Project Methodology approach, Our Clients will have access to best-practice project management or planning services and the local expertise to deliver the highest level of project control and risk management that Our Clients expect.